Fractional Ownership in Paris: the right idea in the right location

Owning your own pied-à-terre in Paris is a dream for thousands of visitors who return to this beautiful city year after year, yet it's simply not the right move for everyone.

That's why fractional ownership in Paris is so remarkable - owning is now possible at a fraction of the cost and with less administrative burden. Why not own a luxurious property in the heart of Paris for entertaining family and friends for years to come while enjoying the capital growth of the property and keeping more money free for other investments?

What makes our fractional ownership offerings in Paris different - and better?

Strong appreciation potential with smart properties. To assure the rigor of your investment, our analysts carefully select the best properties in the most prestigious and desirable areas of the city, where rents and property values are solid and growing. Our private co-ownership Paris properties are in the heart of Saint Germain des Près in the luxurious 6th arrondissement, while our traditional fractional ownership offering is on the right bank, in the chic Marais district in Paris' 4th arrondissement. All our properties respect the maxim location, location location.

Flexible weeks of personal use of the property year after year. Ten weeks a year in Saint Germain des Près, four weeks a year in the Marais. Whichever you choose, you enjoy flexible options for spending time in your Paris home. Do you return to Paris at the same time every year? Would you prefer to see the City of Lights in her different seasons? How about both? You can offer time to friends and family, or enjoy all the time for yourself. Our properties are also part of the Trade to Travel network, through which you can exchange weeks in your Paris property with weeks in over a thousand vacation properties worldwide.

The experienced management team efficiently handles the upkeep of the property, ensuring the continued standard of luxury and peace of mind. The legal, financial and day-to-day management is entirely handled on behalf of the owners, so that you enjoy your investment without the hassle that ordinarily comes with owning a second home. The management is orchestrated behind the scenes with no headache for the individual owners.

Our fractional ownership properties include unparalleled personal concierge and luxury services at your disposal. Not only are our properties a good investment, but they are designed for memorable and meaningful vacations. During your stay in Paris, you can engage five-star services to meet any of your personal needs. You can even keep your personal items in the apartment when not in residence, so that when you arrive you are really coming home.

To learn more about our properties and whether one may be right for your personal and investment goals, fill out our fractional ownership questionnaire to be contacted by one of our fractional experts.

Fractional Paris. The smart way to own property in Paris.


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