Usage Calendar

Paris is alluring anytime of the year. Yet some prefer the summer months while others want to spend the holidays with friends and family in the City of Lights.

7 Rue Malher offers usage options that combine fixed and floating weeks which allows each purchaser to choose the schedule best suited to his or her needs. With any option, fractional owners are able to trade weeks with their co-owners, or allow guests to use the apartment. Each share comes with 4 weeks of usage each year.

Fully Floating: Fractional owners who choose the Fully Floating option enjoy the
property for two 2-week periods each year based upon an automatic seasonal rotation system. This means that one year an owner will have Fall and Spring, and the next year, Summer and Winter. The rotation schedule is defined at the outset, allowing total clarity into your usage in perpetuity. The calendar is designed to maintain a proportional number of floating weeks during each season.

Fixed + Floating: Fractional owners may choose two specific weeks which are permanently reserved for their use. They then participate in the Floating system for their remaining two weeks. This option guarantees owners time during their favorite part of the year, yet also allows them to discover Paris at other moments. This is our most popular option.

Time Trading
Thanks to the long-term visibility of the calendar, there is no need to make reservations. If for any reason, your time does not work for you in a given year, we have developed an easy to use system which enables co-owners to communicate with one another. If a co-owner determines, either at the last minute or years in advance, that the assigned time will not work, he or she may arrange for an exchange with another co-owner. This system enables everyone to have the schedule that best fits their personal needs.

Please contact us at to learn more about how the calendar system works.

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